WINDOWS 8.1 Review: Download Windows 8.1

A better operating system than Window 8 launched by Microsoft. It is a part of Windows NT family. Users find window 8.1 better than window 8. Window 8.1 addresses the complaints of window 8 users. It has better and improves Start screen, added snap views, added bundle apps, One drive integration, Internet Explorer 11. It has the ability to restore the start button on Task bar. Besides of many changes, Windows 8.1 face critics as it not addressing all the digressions of windows 8 interface.


There are many changes and changes in windows 8

  • User Interface– start screen shows ‘’All Apps’’ with sort modes. It shows colored tiles for desktop programs. It added various color options and new backgrounds. Installed applications not add directly on the start screen now. When the screen is lock, users can see the photo slide show in its background and can use the camera app by swiping up the app. Auto complete dictionary is also available for users. Users have multiple word suggestions, they can select from them by sliding on the space bar.
  • Hardware Functionality- it support for 3 D printing, it pairs with printers using NFC tags, WI-FI direct, Mira cast media streaming.

How To Download Windows 8.1

You can download Windows 8.1 ISO with the help of windows 8 product key. With the Windows 8.1 ISO you can create DVD or USB media to upgrade windows 8 to windows 8.1.

Download WINDOWS 8.1

Here are the following steps to download the official Windows 8.1

  • First you have to download and install windows 8.
  • Then you have to scroll down and have to write 25 characters Windows 8 product key. Your original Windows 8 product key can be present in the box of your windows DVD or can be present on the confirmation email you received at the time when you purchase windows 8.
  • Then click on the button “install windows 8”at upgrading to windows 8 with a product key.
  • After completing the download, you have to close the window 8 set up.
  • Then go back to the home page that is upgrading to windows 8 set up and click on “Install Windows 8.1”.
  • Then go to the web page www.WindowsSetupBox.exe. Which help you to download the Windows 8.1 ISO.
  • Once the installation is finish, then a window will pop on your screen and you have to choose an option ‘’install by creating media’’.
  • Then you have to choose whether you want to burn the ISO file with USB Flash or DVD.
  • By DVD- in DVD, it takes less time to burn the ISO file. First your DVD should be blank. Then double-click on the ISO file and then choose burn disc image to open the Windows Disc Image Burner window. Then pick the correct DVD burner from the Disc burner. Then click on the burn option to burn the ISO image to disk. When the burning complete, the status description will show the disc image has been successfully burned to disc. You can now use the ISO file turned disc.
  • By USB- it takes around 20 minutes to complete the burning. First you have to download Rufus. Rufus is a portable program which works on Windows 10, 8, 7, vista and XP. It will burn an ISO image to the USB storage. Then click on the Rufus. Then on the device drop down at the top of the Rufus program screen, then choose the USB storage device you want to burn the ISO file to. You can assure the Disk or ISO image by click on Boot selection drop down. Click on select and the window appears on the screen. Select the ISO image you want to burn to the flash drive. Then click on the START button to burn the ISO file to the USB file you choose.
  • Then a warning will pop up on your screen. You have to click OK. Wait for few minutes.
  • When the status at the bottom shows READY. You can close the program and remove the USB drive.