Top 4 Voice Over Software For Mac

Gone are the days when you had to rely on the huge audio aids as a voice artist. Heavy set up in recording studio was essential and laborious. But technology has transformed our lives like never before. We can find lots of software that will help you to do your job with ease. They have not only made your life simpler but also enhanced the quality of your work. Let’s discuss some of the top rated software for Mac in this category.

Voice Over Software For Mac

Top 4 Voice Over Software For Mac

  1. Adobe Audition

    This software is available for both windows and Mac. With a minimal subscription charge of $228 per year this awesome software can change the world of voice editing. Adobe has purchased this software from Syntrillium under the name Cool Edit Pro 2. Though not much edited or updated since that time but it is still a hot app with literally cool features. With excellent multi-track capability and spectral view, this software will win your heart! One and only drawback is that you have to pay for it monthly and cannot pay once and sit back relaxed for lifetime. Anyways, the product is worth giving a thought.

  2. Sony SoundForge Pro

    This also has two distinct versions- windows and Mac. But unlike Adobe Audition They are not in sync with each other. With $249 for Pro version and $99 for entry version, this is cheap as compared to its major rival, Audition. I must mention that Mac version of the software is in its initial stage but being a product of Sony you can expect some prettier features very soon. Though a single product with an amazing feature called ‘convert’ but is unarguable defeated by its sister project- its windows version which is smarter and best product available in market.

  3. Audacity

    A must buy if you don’t want a hole in your pocket. Free software with great and reasonable features allows you to edit audios and add filters to it. But one thing might disappoint a buyer that it is not user friendly especially if the user is new. Not a cup of tea for the beginners. But in my opinion you can gain experience before spending money on other voice editing software. As it allows a mixing of music with audio you can give a thought, after all it’s a free deal!

  4. Twisted wave

    Not so good! At an initial buy of $77 it doesn’t justify its cost. Its limited editing capabilities make it a last option, even after Audacity (though it has some similar features with Audacity). This browser based software has no unique and worth buying features. You can go for other more interesting software with mind blowing features at minimal extra bucks so that you don’t feel your money gone into vain.

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Above mentioned software are only audio editors. You can also spend your money to have some additional software like multi track recorders, digital audio workstations, plugins and other voice studio software. Many of the tasks like adding visuals to the audios, processing the audio files (compression, normalization, echo adjusting etc.) can be done in no time. The major problem of noise and disturbance can be resolved using voice over software. More advantageous are the Digital audio workstations that allow you to edit- cut, mix and equalize some portion of audio, and make that edited content available on new source and original one will remain unchanged, so if your client demands another change you have a copy already saved with you. So with some great features you can professionally ready to serve your clients or ready to broadcast your own edited audio. Good luck!