Vegas Pro Vs Cyberlink Power Director: Which One Is Better ?

Video editing has become a trend these days. With growing technology, it is even possible for a common man to do a professional level video editing. There are many video editing softwares available for Windows computers but the most widely used professional video editing softwares are Vegas Pro and Cyberlink Power Director. I can understand you are confused between these two cool softwares and want to know which one you should go with. I am going to list down a comparison between Vegas Pro and Cyber link Power Director.

There is no doubt, video editing is a skill which is developed over time and experience. However, it is highly recommended to use only professional video editing softwares which will make you more proficient in video editing. There are always requirements for professional video editors in creative media industries. Movies and videos which you watch on mobile are actually edited by using professional video tools only. There are hundreds of video editing tools available in the market but its about the reliability and two of those reliable tools are Magix Vegas Pro and Cyberlink Power Director. This post is all about comparing both amazing tools so that you can decide by yourself which one you should buy to start with pro level video editing.

Sony Vegas Pro vs. Cyberlink Power Director

Vegas Pro Vs Cyberlink Power Director

  1. Cyberlink PowerDirector

    Cyberlink Power Director is a powerful video editing tool which is first to support 360-degree VR footage. The tool has loads of video effects available and also has 3D and 4K capabilities. There are tons of amazing features available in the software but it still offers a clean user interface which makes it a people’s choice.

    Power director offers a 30 days free trial, which is really great to test the product. It is currently available for Windows based machines. If you have never tried this tool then it is suggested to try the product in a free trial period and I am sure you will be enjoying using it. If I talk about the cons which I found in the software is it was crashing unexpectedly while running in my Windows 8 laptop. I am sure the developer team will fix this issue in upcoming versions.

    Features of Power Director

    1. There are customizable tools for designing where you can create your own titles, menus, transitions, themes and also edit as many as 100 videos at one given time.
    2. PowerDirector has more than 500 effects of pro-quality which can be used for editing videos, animated videos, transitions, title effects and much more.
    3. Power Director has world’s quickest video reproducing engine TrueVelocity5. Latest formats like 4K, H.265/HEVC, XAVC-S are supported on this software and has improved audio formats for the trending WMV file and also supports edit for FLAC audio format files.
    4. Supports action camera that produces fine sports videos especially outdoor, the power packed features are present in one place which can correct shakiness, fish-eye distortions, insert slow motion effect, free action, selective zooming and also color temperature correction.
    5. It supports 360⁰ video editing, on inserting a video of such format, PowerDirector gives a choice for the format of output, and 360⁰ or 2D. For 360⁰ you have editing options like trimming, joining edits, splitting and a lot more. The output is H.264 MP4 and can be directly uploaded to Facebook or YouTube.
  2. Vegas Pro

    Vegas Pro  is one of the popular video editing tools which is good for both beginners and professionals. It was originally developed by Sonic Foundry, then by Sony Creative Software and is now owned and run by Magix Software GmbH. Vegas Pro has a user friendly and customizable interface and is embedded with premium tools which helps you to edit video and audio professionally using the latest technologies. Just like Power Director, Vegas Pro also supports 4K and DVD/Blu-ray disc authoring. Vegas pro can be easily installed in a Windows PC running on Windows 7 or above.

    Vegas pro offers really cool features at a very competitive and wallet friendly price. The tool was designed by also keeping beginners in mind so if you are into beginner level and want to learn professional level video editing then you can install a free trial of Vegas Pro.

    Features of Vegas Pro

    1. Multiple video editing is supported and the user can switch between up to 32 videos at any given time with just a click of a mouse or keyboard shortcuts. This can successfully create multiple camera tracks of one particular event and help further for detailed editing. It has an advanced mode for editing where loops can be used to edit adjoining frames at the point of playback.
    2. Sony Vegas has professional quality effects such as masking tools, color histogram, FX, color temperature editor and also a composition editor that enables you to set tracks as Child and Parent tracks. It also mode for 3D composition that can be edited and saved as 3D projects only.
    3. It supports multiple formats including the latest 4K technology. Sony Vegas natively supports formats such as XAVC, XAVC S, RED ONE and RED EPIC. Also supports HEVC, XAVC, ProRes formats for HD, 2K. Sony Vegas Pro also supports RAW file formats.
    4. Fast motion capture enabled that supports excellent video editing for sports videos. It is about 10x faster than normal speed.
    5. 3D video projects support where you can edit the composition, plane intersection, blending and many more motion edits. The output can be saved both as 3D or 2D videos. You can also utilize zoom, keystone, rotation and another integrated tool for adjusting your 3D projects.

Final Words

Both video editing tools are powerful and useful tools for video editing. Both of them pros and few cons. I hope the above comparison has made easier for you to decide which one you are going to purchase for your Windows computer. Power Director has a benefit of 360⁰ video support, while Vegas Pro offers a clean and easy to use interface in a competitive price. Both of them can be downloaded on Windows 10, 8.1, 7 based computers.