Microsoft Office 2003 Review

Microsoft launched an office suite Microsoft office 2003 for its window operating system. It is a group of software programs which is used to perform different computer tasks.

  • Office standard Edition 2003(Word, Excel, Outlook and PowerPoint).
  • It also includes office Professional Edition 2003
  • Office small Business Edition 2003
  • Office student and teacher edition 2003.
  • Access 2003, Publisher 2003, Info Path 2003
  • Project 2003, Visio 2003( Standard or Professional)
  • FrontPage 2003 and One Note 2003.

It was released to manufacturing on 19th August 2003 and was released on October 2003. It comes after Office XP and before Office 2007. Get the latest version as it includes menu bar, toolbars and ‘97-2003’ file format as the default file format. It is the last version which supports windows 2000. It is not compatible with Windows 4.0, Window 98, Window Me, Windows 8 and Windows server 2012.


  • The outlook 2003 includes better email, calendar sharing and information display.
  • It also improves Unicode support, search folders, colored flags, Kerberos authentication, RPC over HTTP and cached Exchange mode.
  • Outlook 2003 also improves in junk file filter.
  • There is bit improvement in Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Access.
  • Microsoft word 2003 introduce reading layout view, document comparison, research task pane, voice comments, XML based format.
  • It includes list commands, XML data import and document customization features.
  • Microsoft Access 2003 includes a backup command that is the ability to view object dependencies, error checking in forms and reports.
  • Smart tag recognition adds in PowerPoint and Access.
  • Front page 2003 have conditional formatting, Find and replace for HTML elements, new tools for creating and formatting tables and cells, dynamic templates, Flash support, WebDAV and SharePoint.
  • Feature Generic color Post Script printer driver for commercial printing introduce in Publisher 2003.
  • Microsoft office picture manager for picture organizer with basic editing features.
  • MSXML 5 library for Office’s XML integration for data exchange, collaborated workflow.
  • Info Path 2003 for collecting data in XML based forms and templates based on information from data bases.
  • There are five separate editions of Microsoft office 2003- basic, student and teacher, standard, small business and professional.
  • Microsoft word, excel and outlook- all editions
  • PowerPoint –standard, student and teacher, small business and professional
  • Publisher- small business and professional
  • Access- professional only
  • Info Path-professional only

Microsoft Office 2003 Review

PC and Computer requirements

minimum recommended
Operating system Window 2000 SP3

Window XP


Window server 2003

Window server 2008

Windows 7

Window server 2008 R2

memory 128 MB

256 MB-outlook 2003[business contact manger]

media CD-ROM device
Input device Mouse and keyboard Stylus and touch screen
Hard drive 210 MB-student and teacher standard

380 MB-small business

400 MB-professional

190 MB- additional space

250 MB-student and teacher

260-standard student and teacher

280 MB-small business

290 MB –professional

Cached installation file require additional information

CPU Intel pentinum-233 MHz

Intel Pentium 11-400 MHz[speech recognition]

450 MHz[Business contact manager]

Intel Pentium 111
Graphics hardware 800-600 SVGSA with 256 colors
Sound hardware Audio output device and microphone for speech recognition

Download Microsoft office 2003

To download Microsoft office 2003, you first have to go through the link-

New window will open on your web. From this you can download Microsoft office.

Installation of Microsoft office 2003-

When Microsoft office downloads, after that you have to install the Microsoft office 2003. Microsoft office 2003 supports windows 2000 or window 2003 with terminal services enabled. The following steps are-

  • First click on start, then on settings and then on control panel.
  • Double click on add new programs.
  • Then click on CD or floppy.
  • Now click on next.
  • Then you have to search root folder of the office source location.
  • After that click on Setup.exe and then click on open.
  • This adds on the command line and opens directly in the open box of the run installation program dialogue box.
  • Then click on finish.
  • You will ask for a customer name and product key. You have to write 25 characters Windows product key. Your original Windows product key can be present in the box of your windows DVD or can be present on the confirmation email you received at the time when you purchase windows.
  • Then you have to click on Next.
  • Now you have to accept the end user License Agreement and then click on next.
  • Then choose the location where you want to install the office.
  • Click on next.
  • Then choose detailed installation options for each application and then click on next.
  • Your Microsoft office 2003 will begin soon.
  • Once your installation is done, click on next and then finish.