How To Find Direct Download Link Of Any Movie Using Google Dork

There are many websites available on the Internet from where you can download different type of movies.  But when you try to download movies from websites there are lots of links  which will come.  Or if we want to download movies we will use torrent.

Some links are fake and some links are real.  But you can not decide that which is fake and which is real.  This is one of bad features of any website.  There will be too many ads on the website and you end up clicking one of the ad unknowingly.

But we have solution of this problem.  In this article we give you step by step instructions to download any movie using Google dork but first let’s discuss what is Google dork.

How to find Direct link of any movie using Google dork

How To Find Direct Download Link Of Any Movie Using Google Dork

Google dork – by hearing this name you must think this is something which is introduced by the Google.  But this is not something introduced by Google.  Google dork also known as Google hacking. By putting some keyword in the Google search you will get some results.  You will get these by using Google dork.

In simple words Google dork is a footprint which helps you to find original and specific file according to your preference and choice. This file can be of any type like audio,  video,  images etc.  Once you find these files you can download it in seconds.

And these results come with refine search.  You can easily view and download files by single click without any ads or any fake links. You can find different type of dorks by searching on Wikipedia about this.

For this you need to do have these things –

  • You will need any web browser of your choice.
  • Then open your web browser.
  • Now you need to enter these codes on your web browser.
  • For example here we are taking Google Chrome.
  • Then after Google Chrome you need to search Google. Com
  • Then after this enter this code in the search box.
  • Movie name – inurl: (htm|html |php |pls |txt|) intitle : index. Of “ last modified” (mp4|wma|aac | avi)
  • By searching this code you can get result of your choice without having much trouble and you can download the movies with high speed Internet.

Explanation of this code

1) inurl: (htm|html |php |pls |txt|)-  by searching this code Internet will search all the links which are having extensions named as him, html, php, pls, txt

2)Intitle : index of “last modified” —

By searching this code you get file of recent date that means you get the latest HD print of the movie and you can download movies in fast speed.

3)Mp4|wma|aac|avi |

By searching this code you get movies which is having an extension of mp4,  wma,  aac, format only.

All these sites are ftp sites that which means you can download files only.

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Hope these above mentioned steps helps you download the movie of your choice by one click without any hesitation.  But let me tell you it’s difficult to find new movies by using Google dork but you can always find millions of old movies in these sites.

Google dork method will save your valuable time in finding the download links. If you used to get confused with the download links and the ad links then by using this simple method you will not face any difficulty.

These tips will surely going to help you in long run.